About Us

Spellbound is a multi-faceted group of companies with an array of services and strives to deliver superior, goal-oriented results. Founded in 2006 on the premise of recognizing value as a brand, we are driven by our passion for creativity, innovation and most importantly competition.

The Group has diverse business interests in sectors including trade, commerce, media and marketing. Constantly aspiring to achieve strategic partnerships, Spellbound works closely with multinational clients to generate cutting edge solutions.

In today’s world, collaboration is the buzzword. Each division of the Group works in close liaison with one another to strategically position and place products in niche markets.

Spellbound firmly believes in developing meaningful business relationships by leveraging assets in term of expertise and resources. Our management team consists of leaders with proven track records and years of experience. The group has successfully attained sustainability and growth in marketing, sales, planning and development sectors by determining corporate capabilities and synergizing business.

We are big on empowering our clients from the humble start-ups to the eminent corporations through out-of-the-box ideas, strategic brand creation, as well as intelligent advertising and marketing. We thrive on fearlessly taking risks and boast a remarkable set of measurable business results.

It’s all about that perfect fit! Connecting the best product with the right client and thereby optimizing customer experience.