Business Units

Spellbound comprises of two business units: Advertising and General Trading. Both divisions work seamlessly parallel to one another and intelligently interlink various activities, attuning solutions to the needs of clients and partners. By doing so, we have firmly established our reputation for consistent project delivery of varying size and scope.

Advertising Services:

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Our advertising services offer fully integrated turnkey solutions, catering to customer and market needs. As our name suggests, our objective is to captivate the client and the world at large through holistic and creative works that not only solves business issues, but also leave an impact on culture and society. Spellbound strives to translate values pertaining to global brands into locally relevant solutions. Our team is brimming with strategically guided ideas and promise a meaningful experience by propelling customer business.

General Trading

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Constant collaboration with our customers and partners ensures our better understanding of local value drivers. With a robust blueprint for success and a team of talented people, we make it a point to understand our customer and thereby customize products and services as per local requirements. We believe in enlightening and educating our clients in making intelligent decisions based on critical thinking, quality and efficient enterprise.